Founded in 1960, WinterBell is a third-generation family-owned and managed business that specializes in the conversion of paperboard for contract clients and direct sales. Over the years the company has achieved an unmatched national reputation as a leading supplier in the field of paper and packaging components.

Our goal at WinterBell is to provide customers with the highest quality products delivered with industry leading speed and flexibility. WinterBell makes this possible by sourcing the finest paperboard from the best manufacturers. In addition, the company and its employees utilize Lean Manufacturing strategies to constantly improve production processes and customer service.

Led by the efforts of Rick Lewis and Sparky Stroud, WinterBell has developed a variety of packaging products.

James Wilkes Trew, the father of Mary Jane Bell, and the DeEstes Brothers founded Jiffy Manufacturing in 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland. Jiffy’s original product was a circular cushion. Used as a layer pad to protect apples as they were packed in baskets, this product subsequently developed into other packaging designs, including furniture slipcovers. Steady demand for packaging products led to the development of a High Point, NC manufacturing facility.

Mr. H. Neil Bell married Mary Jane Bell and joined Jiffy Manufacturing, eventually rising to the position of Senior Vice President. During his tenure he managed the daily business of all nine Jiffy facilities across the US.

Though High Point, NC has long been known as the “Furniture Capital of the World”, the Textile industry soon flocked to this furniture area as well, with socks and hosiery making up the majority of this market. Being a true entrepreneur, Mr. Trew instructed Bell and another manager, Mr. Winter, to start a paperboard converting company in order to better service the expanding sock and hosiery market. After purchasing a paper sheeter and a die cutter, the two partners established WinterBell in 1960.

By 1980 nearly 80% of the converted paperboard the company marketed was for the textile industry. At that time the company decided to explore new markets, including the tobacco industry. WinterBell’s efforts in the development of packaging for fliptop cigarette boxes led to continued company growth.

Led by the efforts of Rick Lewis (35 Yrs. with the company and son-in-law of Mr. Bell) and Sparky Stroud (45 Yrs. with the company), WinterBell has developed a variety of packaging products. Today the business continues to service the textile and the tobacco industries as well as the printed folding carton, pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable, printing and other industries.

In 2001 WinterBell purchased Florida-based Packer’s Supply, which serviced the citrus industry. That same year the company bought MegaChem, which services the industrial container market. Though Packer’s Supply was later sold to HESCO, MegaChem continues to thrive in High Point.

In April of 2014, Richard Lewis, Mr. Bell’s grandson, bought the company and became the third generation of that family to join WinterBell. He currently runs the company and is focused on pursuing continued growth through expansion into new markets.